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Experiments realized at IGF

    Aether Control via an understanding of Orthogonal Fields

Rick Andersen published in Feb. 1998 a theory about "AETHER CONTROL via an understanding of ORTHOGONAL FIELDS“. In May 1999 the "Telos Research“ build an experimental structure based on Rick Andersons theory and confirmed Andersons statement, that a steel nail (without magnetic field outside of the single-aperture core) or a small light weight sheet of paper would be moved, a laser beam influenced.

Experimental results of IGF

    Study on Fostac-Maximus device

In its July/August edition of 2009 (year 14, number 7/8, page 26), the magazine “NET-Journal” published a report titled "Exciting Fostac-Maximus information evening". Topic of the report was a presentation of the Fostac-Maximus device by Fostac-Technologies AG contractors and resellers. The report states, that it is possible to save up to 30% on electricity. We made it our task to investigate in this matter systematically and methodically, and examined the Maximus-device in regard to electricity savings.


             The Allais-pendulum reconsidered  Access current document / Feb 2011

             The ” Allais effect”  Measuring results with a  paraconical pendulum

Prof. Allais undertook a pendulum experiment during a partial sun eclipse on June 30th 1954 near Paris. During that particular eclipse Allais detected an abnormal behaviour of the azimuth of the paraconical pendulum. This special constellation of Sun and Moon, so Allais, has an impact on earths aether. Following report  represents our measurings and findings performed with a paraconical pendulum.

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    Disclosure of evaluation plots

folder  Three day interval
with azimuth angle of the paraconical pendulum and course of the elevation angle of Sun, Moon and Jupiter, measuring cycles 12, 25 57 minutes

folder   Four weeks interval
with azimuth angle of the paraconical pendulum and course of the elevation angle of the Moon, daily from 11:00 to 15:00 hours local time ( at  highest Sun level  )

             Drop tests, with electromagnetic falling bodies

We examined in this experiment a possible coupling between the gravity field and the electromagnetic field. Experiments hereto were performed in 1993 by KELLY. He measured the falling time of equatorial plate, on which permanent magnets and reeling were fastened by different means. KELLY  claimed, to have measured to a range  of 60%  longer time period, if, with the permanent magnets on the equatorial plate, a electromagnetic DC-field was produced.

The experiments of Kelly were reproduced at the IGF on the basis of his constructions. Kelly’s measuring results could not be reproduced .

Full version available in German language only :


    Vortex tube sand / air

In this experiment we examined the influence of an artificial induced sand-air-vortex on the weight of a test mass located in the center of the vortex. Two concentric acryl tubes build the chamber for the vortex and the shielding from air drag for the test mass. Compressed air enriched with sand was blown into the space between these two vertical cylinders. The vortex was tested rotating clockwise and counter clockwise.

Result: We observed a small effect on the test mass, resulting only from electrostatic forces, which were also measured.

Full version available in German language only :


    Pendulum experiments after Stavros Dimitriou

In this experiment we examined the oscillation period of a physical pendulum, a antenna was used as pendulum body. Dimitrios / Naudin declared that the oscillation period of the pendulum changes, if the antenna with its resonance frequency of 100 kHz is animated.

Described experiment has been reproduced at the IGF. Claimed effect could not be reproduced.

Full version available in German language only:


    Experiment  to detect scalar waves

Prof. K. Meyl has developed a miniature- replica of the Magnifying – Transmitter by Nicola Tesla, and declared, that on this assembly, essential information made by Nicola Tesla, could be traced. For example loss-free transmission of energy, energy transmission with  light speed, overunity-effect.

Prof. Meyl experiments were carried out, for the time being, with his claimed results. However closer examination of the assembly revealed, that  effects occur through standing electromagnetic waves on a Lecher line. The assumption of longitudinal scalar waves to explain the results are not necessary.

Full version  available in German language: long version only : 

    Quartz crystals charged by high frequency current. ( Kowsky/ Frost Quarz levitation)

Our knowledge and researchwork, has convinced us, that the Kowsky/Frost experiment is imaginary The experiment will no longer be pursued. We have evidence, that the Kowsky/Frost experiment is a hoax.
Full version  available in german language only:


    System - G  Experiment (by Prof. DeAquino)

Professor Fran De Aquino, National University of Maranhao, Brazil, reported  January 2000 to have developed a theory concerning his experiment, the so-called System - G  ( http://jlnlabs.imars.com/systemg/index.htm ).
Professor De Aquino stated, that he successfully, by using an ELF antenna, clearly reduced the weight of the experimental assembly.

   Final report and measuring results  of the ELF antenna as of 27. November 2002


   Important consolidated findings during the examinations of the power supply transformer
   as of 05. May 2003



    Kinetobaric Effects"  or  “ Mechanical  Energy  from  Gravitational  Anisotropy  (MEGA)" .

Rudolf G. Zinsser developed, in the middle of the 20th century, a theory about "Kinetobaric forces" and/or " mechanical energy from a anisotropic gravitational field (MEGA)" .Zinsser stated to have caused, by implementing a new physical method, the release of a unknown process that would generate a drive impulse ( a so called angular momentum ). This drive impulse can be converted into mechanical energy . R. Zinsser  realized his theory experimentaly by installing high frequency line component elements (e.g. quarter-wave lines) in a water tank (activator), which was mounted on a torsional pendulum, linking into these elements (very small) high frequency energy. Causing a so far unknown “ triggered energy “ changing the gravitational characteristic of the activator. This behaivoir being observed by the drive impulse ". In the seventies W. Peschka ( DFVLR ) reproduced the experiment confirming R. Zinsser results. We replicated R. Zinssers experiment  according  to his specifications, noticed however, that the effects described by R. Zinsser were caused distinctly by warmth, respectively by air movements.


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             " Vinyl Compound loses weight in Electromagnetic Field “ experiment.

     Final report to disprove Fran De Aquinos “ Kinetic quantum Theory of Gravity “

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